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Styptic Pencil

  • This styptic pencil is an effective astringent used to stop bleeding from minor cuts.  Wet the tip of the pencil, and "paint" the spot of the cut to hasten clotting and reduce the time required for bleeding to stop.  Perfect for those tiny little bleeders that occur during shaving.


    Tip:  Most of us have never cut ourselves beyond the superficial insult to our skin.  At worst, the injury might be visible for a day or two, and then heals and is visually invisible.  It is best to use the styptic pencil immediately after bleeding starts.  If you do this, instead of waiting for a few minutes to apply, the cut seldom is noticeable the next day. 

  • Styptic Pencils are consumable goods. They can only be returned for a refund if they have never been used.

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