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About Us


In 2009, I read an article in Wired magazine that discussed how much money could be saved if a straight razor was used instead of replaceable blade cartridges. If someone started shaving with a straight razor when they were young, they could save $20,000 over a lifetime. Well, to be honest, I don’t remember the exact figure. But, I was amazed at the amount of money that could be saved!.

So, I purchased my brother-in-law's straight razor, honed the razor, and tried to shave. Big time failure! But, I learned a lot through trial and error. And, the information provided on shaving forums was invaluable. Soon, I was shaving successfully.

The two biggest problems for newbie straight razor shavers are the expense to purchase a straight razor, and then keeping the razor sharp. To assist others, I buy vintage straight razors and hone them to shave readiness, and resell them at close to cost. To hold costs down, I don't buff and polish blades to mirror finish as is commonly done. Basically,


I sell straight razors at cost plus the price of honing. In addition, I developed a strop cut from English Bridle leather that had a simple, inexpensive design.

Offering affordable straight razors and strops and the lowest priced badger hair brushes proved very popular. Whipped Dog straight razors expanded rapidly. Very early, the work became more than I could handle and  I hired Megan Holm to assist. Megan quickly became indispensable, and several times became insufferably bossy accompanied by “hostile” takeover attempts. But, seriously, Megan has been indispensable to Whipped Dog operations. She is a pleasure to work with, and administratively runs Whipped Dog and has done so almost from the beginning.


Whipped Dog now sells new Dovo straight razors and have a full line of shave soaps and brushes. Some of our best selling products are the Sight Unseen straight razor and Poor Man strop kit paired up with either a Silvertip Badger Brush or Synthetic Brush. We sell several lines of shave soap. Some are well known brands like Mitchell’s Wool Fat and others are homemade soaps by guys in the community like Bald Frog and BDS Soap.


We also sell double edge razors with butterfly opening for easy insertion and removal of blades. The razors are brass, coated with chrome. I believe they are the best double edge razor available for under $20.


The philosophy of Whipped Dog is “All corners are cut to reduce price, but not the corners that will degrade your shave experience.” Straight razor blades might not look elegant. But, the shaving edge is of the highest quality. And we will always work with our customers to ensure satisfaction.

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