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Razor and Brush Stand

SKU: RBStand
  • This stand is chrome plated and will not rust. All straight razors and double edge razors fit into the stand. Our 20mm, 22mm and 24mm round resin handles fit perfectly in the brush receptacle also.


    The distance between the base plate and the upper plate from which the brush hangs is 4-3/16 inch (106mm), sufficient vertical distance for all our brushes, and most brushes sold.  The inner diameter of the brush hanger is 1-1/4 inch (32mm) which accommodates our round handled brushes, and many brushes sold elsewhere. 




    This razor and brush stand is solid metal construction with no non-metal parts.  The metal is chrome plated and will not rust.  The stand consists of four parts which assemble by screw threads:


    • Base plate
    • Shaft
    • Hanger plate
    • Cap nut


    The shaft screws into the base plate.  The hanger plate fits over the shaft, and is fixed in place by the cap nut.  After disassembly, the stand can be easily stored or shipped.

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