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The Poor Man strop kit contains a 3" x 26" leather strop and a balsa strop to which abrasives have been added. It also includes a hook for wall mounting, and a small packet of Neatsfoot oil for treating the leather strop. The leather strop can also be looped around a towel rod.

Poor Man Strop 3"

  • If the kit is chosen, it will include the balsa wood which has been treated on one side with 0.3 micron chromium oxide (green) and with 0.1 micron iron oxide (red) on the other side. Additional supply of these abrasives are included.


    Flawed Option-Not all leather is created equal.  And, some strops have spots and streaks and various anomalies and inconsistencies.  These strops are perfectly fine for straight razor stropping.  However, I cannot sell them for full price.  These are great strops despite their cosmetic flaws. 

  • Strops are consumable goods. They can only be returned for a refund if they have never been used. Please do not fold or crease, as this makes them unusable also.

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