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The hones on this page are made by the Norton company. I buy them as sets, then cut them in quarters. They are referred to below as "Quarter Nortons". 

Norton Quarter Hone Set

  • Even though it would cost me a sale, feel free to buy the full set at or In my opinion, those are good deals! However, you have to have money to save money, and saving $50 or more buying the quarter Norton, for those of us on a budget is significant. If still interested, read on...


    As sold, they are lapped and ready for use.


    Even though the hones are smaller than a full size hone, they are  50% larger than the average barbers hone. You will have no problem honing straight razors. Even though short X passes are possible, you will probably use more circular motions than you would with a larger surface hone.  

    This "Quarter Norton" hone set includes the following items:

    • Norton flattening stone                                (1-1/2" by 4-1/2")
    • Norton Two-sided Hone 220/1000                 (1.5" x 4")
    • ---- Norton 220 grit hone               ... gray color
    • ---- Norton 1000 grit hone            ... brown color
    • Norton Two-sided Hone 4000/8000                (1.5" x 4")
    • ---- Norton 4000 grit hone            ... white color
    • ---- Norton 8000 grit hone            ... yellow color
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