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The balsa wood has been treated on one side with 0.3 micron chromium oxide (green) and with 0.1 micron iron oxide (red) on the other side.

Balsa Strop

SKU: 0003
  • After honing, your blade bevel is V shaped. When you strop on leather, the shaving edge is sharpened, but progressively rounded. This slowly changes your blade from a V shape to a very sharp U shape. After a few weeks or months, leather stropping might not be as effective. When this happens, stropping on the balsa wood strop will usually return the razor to shave readiness. You strop maybe 20 passes on the green chromium oxide side, clean your blade, strop about 20 passes on the red iron oxide side, clean your blade and strop about 40 passes on the leather strop. Then, return to daily stropping with leather.You will use the balsa strop occasionally. After several uses of the balsa strop, even the balsa strop will slowly become less and less effective. When this happens, your razor should be rehoned to reestablish the perfect V shape.

    *Additional supply of these abrasives are included.

    **Balsa strop is only one piece of wood with iron oxide on one side and chromium oxide on the other side. You do not get 2 pieces of wood.

  • Strops are consumable goods. They can only be returned for a refund if they have never been used.

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