Honing Feedback

One of the problems encountered when learning to hone is feedback. Sure, you can hone a straight razor. But, is the razor up to shave ready standards? I offer honing feedback for $15 per straight razor. Here's how it works...

  • Email LarryAndro@WhippedDog.com to request straight razor for honing.
  • Send me $15 via Paypal or credit card.
  • I ship you one straight razor to hone.
  • You hone them and return to me for review. (Please hone them within two weeks of receipt.)
  • I email you my comments.

If your honing is flawed, I will tell you how it is less than perfectly honed, and give suggestions how to correct the problems. Even though this service cannot be termed lessons, in practical terms it is. After a razor or two, you will be honing well, and importantly you will know you are honing well!


Add $3 if shipping to Canada or $5 for all other international locations.