Sight Unseen Razor

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Price: $43.00

Quantity: 8069


Are you overwhelmed by all the jargon and choices? You can move past Go, straight to straights with my Sight Unseen razors. All straights come ready to shave! You see, it takes me a lot of time to photograph and list straight razors. If you buy blind - no pictures and no description of the razor, you will save me work. And, I will give you a few dollars off the purchase price.

International Shipping

Add $3 per razor if shipped to Canada or $5 per razor for all other international locations.


  • Add $25 for a Poor Man Strop Kit (Add $3 if shipped to Canada, Add $7 if shipped outside the US and Canada)
  • Add $13 for a second Poor Man Strop (Add $2 if shipped to Canada or $3 for all other international locations.)
  • Add $25 for a brush and soap set (Add $3 if shipped to Canada. Add $5 if shipped outside the US and Canada)
  • Add $2 for a styptic pencil

Full no hassle refund, or price adjustment offered if not satisfied. (I'm more interested in your satisfaction than with making optimal profit. So, don't hesitate to suggest that I charged too much.)

(The pictures shown are representative of the razors you will receive.)