Sight Unseen Flawed Razor

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Price: $28.00

Quantity: 9370


 These razors are fully functioning straight razors, fully as functional as more expensive razors sold here.  However, they have flaws that don't affect the shave, but do require a discounted price.  Flaws can include such things as scratched or warped scales, hone wear, and rust spots above the cutting edge.

International Shipping

Shipping included within the US. Add $3 per razor if shipped to Canada or $5 per razor for all other international locations.


  • Add $25 for a Poor Man Strop Kit (Add $3 if shipped to Canada. Add $7 if shipped outside the US and Canada)
  • Add $13 for a second Poor Man Strop (Add $2 if shipping to Canada or $3 for all other international locations.)
  • Add $25 for a brush and soap set (Add $3 if shipped to Canada. Add $5 if shipping outside the US and Canada.)
  • Add $2 for a styptic pencil

Full no hassle refund, or price adjustment offered if not satisfied. (I'm more interested in your satisfaction than with making optimal profit. So, don't hesitate to suggest that I charged too much.)

(The pictures shown are representative of the razors you will receive.)